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Hostal Facilities

dac girls hostal

The College has one girls’ hostel which is Dhamdhama Anchalik College Women Hostel funded by University Grants Commission. It is situated around the college campus. Hostel seats are allotted at the time of admission. Hostels remain closed during summer and puja vacation. Conduct in the hostel is governed by the Dhamdhama Anchalik College hostel rules.

    Rules and Regulations for hostel border:
    1. A Student once admitted will have to pay seat rent for the entire session even if she leaves the hostel midway through the session.
    2. Boarder can leave for home twice a month with prior consent of the parents/ guardian.
    3. Ragging in all forms is strictly prohibited.
    4. Students taking coaching classes must take the permission of the superintendent in writing.
    5. No boarder should disturb the other during the study hours.
    6. Attendance during collective prayer is mandatory.
    7. Boarders are to maintain cleanliness in the hostel compound.
    8. A boarder must pay at least 15 days mess dues even if she had absent in the concerned month.
    9. Use of mobile phone:
    Mobile phone use is allowed in the hostel with the following conditions:
    (i) Mobile phones can be used for essential communications only.
    (ii) Use of mobile phones during study hours is strictly prohibited.
    (iii) The Hostel Warden can check and verify mobile phone when required.
    (iv) If complaint is received regarding misuse of mobile phone, the warden is authorized to seize the device.
    10. No student will be allowed to stay in local guardian’s residence without prior permission of the parents/ legal guardian.
    11. Visitors are allowed only on Sundays during either from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. or from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.

    Hostel Seats 42

    Hospital Facility: Dhamdhama Anchalik College has hospital facility for all the students, particularly for those residing in hostel.