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Vision & Mission of DAC


To make all round development of the students through qualitative, co-operative, modernized skill based and holistic education up to the highest standard making them socially responsible and to turn the college as one of the leading centers of excellence.


• To prepare the students to become academically excellent so that they may compete in the practical world.
• To impart knowledge and skill to the students in a joyful atmosphere.
• To develops social consciousness among the students for the transformation of society and prepares them to be a worthy member of the society.
• To maintain a friendly and helpful atmosphere with an insistence on serious and sustained study.
• College provides an easy access of higher education to the economically and socially deprived communities of the larger locality.
• To make the students to be respectful and unifying in character towards the culturally diversified character of this locality.
• To make the students ethically strong to become a good human being.